Two US citizens detained in Bermuda on money laundering charges brought their trial to an end on the first day – after they changed their plea to guilty.

Magistrate Craig Attridge listed the charge – that between a Date unknown and April 21st 2023, Mr Ramsey and Mr Boyd conspired together with oh there’s not before the court to remove criminal property from Bermuda.

When asked, both men pleaded guilty.

Defense Jonathan White requested a Social Inquiry Report, therefore prosecution did not present evidence for the charge.

A sentencing hearing is set for 24 June, and both Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Boyd are reminded in custody until then.

The case of Thaddaeus Ramsey and Merrill Boyd, who have been detained for a year, garnered media attention in the US and locally.

Unusual for Bermuda, the pair had spoken publicly about their situation, with the suggestion that their detainment was unjust.

Now the pair have admitted to the crime, and they will remain in custody until sentencing next month.

Mr Ramsey and Mr Boyd, from Louisiana, were stopped at the airport last April, carrying nearly $29,000 dollars in cash.

Initially pleading not guilty to conspiracy to commit a money laundering offence, the pair had been out on bail, living in airbnb’s, a church, and at the charity HOME.

In early March, US media started reporting about the case.

Mr Ramsey, a brass band drummer who had previously performed in Bermuda, had evidentally spoken to a CBS news station in Louisiana.

Family members also spoke to media, and made online appeals on behalf of the pair.

Subsequently, they spoke to the Royal Gazette and Bermuda Broadcasting.

Bermuda Broadcasting did not publish the interview at the time, because the case was still under judicial consideration.

At the beginning of April, Director of Public Prosecutions Cindy Clarke said the two defendants were attempting to interfere with the course of justice, and creating a false narrative for the people of Bermuda.

On April 10th, the defendants had their bail revoked.

Returning to court today, Thaddaeus Ramsey and Merrill Boyd changed their plea to guilty of conspiracy to commit a money laundering offence.