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Bermuda’s Most Popular DJs
David Lopes, Kelly Zuill, Sandra Nepeir and Shay Dawn Burgess

Kelly Zuill

Kelly Zuill has been a cherished presence on the island’s airwaves since July 6, 1963. Starting at the age of 20, filled the radio with soul stirring and uplifting tunes that touch the hearts of listeners. With a dedication to community and to sharing faith through music, Kelly Zuill fosters a spirit of togetherness on his daily radio show. Kelly Zuill’s unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and love continues to inspire and uplift our island community.

David Lopes

David Lopes, takes listeners on a nostalgic journey through time with his collection of beloved oldie goldies, featuring a diverse selection that includes talented local artists. Since 1962, David Lopes has been gracing the airwaves, delivering iconic hits of yesteryears. Through his welcoming and charismatic personality, David Lopes brings the community together through the shared love of music that transcends generations. Beyond the melodies, David Lopes brightens each day by daily highlighting positive stories and intriguing historical tidbits, creating a truly captivating radio experience for all.

Shay Dawn Burgess

As a devoted gospel enthusiast, Shay Dawn has been gracing Inspire 105 since 1995. With a background in education, she seamlessly blends her passion for teaching with her love for gospel music. Her roots run deep in the world of gospel, and her spirited presence has become a cherished fixture.  Beyond the radio, Shay Dawn also shares her talents at CITV part-time, a true testament to her dedication to spreading inspiration through various platforms.

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