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The Captain, Shelley Thunder & Shirley Dill

The Captain

Keevil “The Captain” Burgess has been navigating the radio waves and steering the ship of great music and captivating conversations for over 40 plus years. With his iconic voice, The Captain sets sail on a musical journey that keeps listeners hooked. From classic hits to chart toppers, The Captain brings a mix of nostalgia and fresh beats to your day. Your morning drive will be a voyage of music and fun as you sail through an ocean of melodies with The Captain.

Shelly Thunder

Shelley Thunder, with a magnetic presence and a passion for music has been rocking the radio scene since the 1980s. From soulful tunes to high energy beats, she brings an unbeatable mix to your day. Get ready to feel the good vibes and vibrations as Shelley delivers a radio experience filled with rhythm, excitement, and the flavors of Foodie 411.

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